5 Tips for winter skin care to put dry itchy skin

Winter is the time to play in the snow and just feel alive after a hot summer. On the other hand, this is also when your skin suffers best. If you don’t want to get a cracked skin, itchy or dry, use the following skin care tips to keep your skin springy and healthy this winter.

Skin Care Tip # 1: Stay with ‘oily’ moisturizer

Even if you turn off summer moisturizers throughout your face, your skin will dry again after you go outside. Most summer and spring water-based lotion and do not give your skin with the moisture level needed on dry winter days.

Skin Care Tip – On your next trip to the store, look for oil-based moisturizers and take bottles. Apply as soon as you feel your skin itchy or stretch to calm him down. It will actually lock all the moisture of your skin needs and make the protective layer around it to stay like that. Be sure to apply your lotion right after taking a shower and several times a day to keep your skin dry. Also look for lotion containing humectants such as glycerin and hydroxy alpha acid that can withdraw moisture into your skin and save it there. For really dry skin, try to apply petroleum jelly or mineral oil that can help lock moisture.

Skin Care Tip # 2: Take a Shower / Short Bath

Take a hot shower or shower is heavenly on a cold winter morning, but do you know that shower can cause damage to your skin? A long hot star can pull the moisture of your skin by breaking down your cell lipid barriers. Very hot water can also damage the capillary on your skin that causes spots and can even dry it by sucking all the humidity it needs.

Tip skin care – to avoid this, shower lukewarm with oatmeal or baking soda. This will prevent your skin from itching while a few drops of Jojoba or almond oil can still moisturize. Avoid showering more than once a day and use mild soap with moisturizer to help rehydrate dry skin. Avoid showering hot water as hard as it’s on a cold winter day and keep your shower time as little as possible. Be sure to apply your lotion when your skin is still moist!

Skin Care Tip # 3: Use a Humidifier

Winter air is known for dry and hard. To worsen the situation, the central heating system that keeps us warm dry moisture sucking air from our body.

Skin care tips – connect some small moisturizers to pump moisture back into the air. It not only helps your skin but can also relieve problems with dry eyes and sinuses too. Other cheaper and more interesting choices are using plants. The plant releases moisture through its leaves that can keep air in your home from drying. Use wide leaf varieties for the best effects and spray lightly on the opportunity to provide your air and plants a little moisture encouragement.

Skin Skin Care # 4: Give Care Loving Your Tender

Your hands are part of your body that is most exposed to cold air during the winter. Plus, because the skin is very thin in the area, they can dry and scaly fast enough. Wet gloves can be more dry your skin and cause irritation too

Skin care tips – keep the skin in your hand moisturized by applying the oil-based lotion mentioned earlier. Do this every time you wash your hands and cover it with gloves when you get out. If you prefer wool gloves, make sure to use cotton liners to avoid irritation and remove sweat which can also cause problems. Be sure to use moisturizing hand soap also to add extra moisture encouragement every time you wash your hands.

Skin Care Tip # 5: Oil onto the cold feet

Mint lotion may calm your feet that are sick and hot in the summer months, but comes winter time, they won’t help much. You need stronger items to fight the layer of dry skin at your feet in the winter.

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