Addiction Recovery Treatment Explained

Are you an addict looking for help? Don’t be put off by not knowing what to expect. This guide to addiction recovery treatment tells all.

Everyone is at risk of an addiction. All it takes is for the right set of circumstances to hit you at the wrong time in your life. Say a loved one dies and then your boss fires you from work at the same time. All addiction requires is for you to get overwhelmed and to develop an unhealthy coping tactic.

Developing a substance abuse problem is just that: it’s a coping mechanism. Addiction is a symptom of something else deeper wrong in your life. Some of us have a genetic predisposition towards addiction and some of us are more likely to become addicts because of our social situation. But at the end of the day, it is something that could happen to any one of us. There should be no stigma in seeking help.

What’s Addiction Recovery Treatment

It is estimated that about 18% of the people with an alcohol problem in England and Wales go on to seek help[i]. The gap between provision of care and those who need it is large. Here’s what happens during treatment.

Addiction treatment in the UK.

Once you’ve admitted that you have a problem, you will go to see your GP. The NHS is free to use and does provide outpatient addiction recovery services. Which means you will be seen through the day and sent home in the evening. The NHS will partially fund addiction treatment recovery in the UK but only if you have tried every other option. It has lengthy wait times and most recovering addicts choose private rehab if they can.

Stage one is detox

If you decide to opt for private treatment or if you follow all the NHS’s treatment suggestions until you get, put into a private rehab clinic, then you will go through detox. Detox is where you will be chemically abstinent from the substance you’re addicted to. It can take anything from a few days to a few months until the cravings and withdrawal symptoms subside.

Stage two is rehab treatment

Rehab clinics don’t have to be scary. In fact, if you use a service like, they will tailor your choice in rehab clinic to your criteria. Some rehabs used art therapy to get to the bottom of addiction treatment. Some use animals as a way of breaking down barriers to treatment. Rehab clinics offer workshops which focus on getting you back to a normal life. They offer therapy sessions one on one with the counsellor or in groups. They also offer programmes like the 12 steps which should help you get you back on track.

Aftercare treatment

The third stage to recovery is aftercare. This is not where recovery ends as it will go on for as long as it must until your cravings subside completely. However, aftercare treatment eases the transition from a rehab clinic back into normal life. It offers phone support or online therapy and other tips and tricks which can help you to recover in a normal setting.

Getting Back on Track after Addiction Treatment

As you can see, addiction recovery is nothing to fear. Seek treatments and. It will be the best thing you ever do for yourself.


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