Belly fat exercises – the best exercise for flat stomach

Do you struggle with your fat stomach? Are you one of those who desperately try to find a solution to have an flat stomach and try to produce stomach fat exercises that will really function? In this article I will try to give you some useful tips on how to find the best belly fat exercises that will really make your stomach flat.

There is a combination of 2 types of exercises that are different from it you will make your stomach flat and really feel good about yourself. 2 This type is aerobic and anaerobic exercise. We will try to explain the meaning of this article.

The biggest difference between 2 types of exercise is the intensity and duration of the exercise. While aerobic exercises are low and long duration exercises, anaerobes are very intensive and low duration exercises.

Aerobic exercises must last at least 30-40 minutes and target your heart rate must be 60-70% of the maximum heartbeat. For those who do not know the maximum heartbeat depends on your age and calculated with simple Formula 220 – your age. The heartbeat of 60-70% is also known as a fat burning zone. In this zone your body uses fat as the main energy source. This belly fat exercise means the meaning of the duration of 30-40 minutes. If it lasts less than 30 minutes your body will not use so much fat as it should. The best aerobic exercise is walking, jogging, swimming, and cycling. Aerobic exercise is also important to warm your body and muscles to avoid injury.

On the other hand, intensive intensive anaerobic exercises and the duration of such exercises a few minutes. Heartbeat during this type of exercise is 80-90% of the maximum heartbeat. This type of exercise is used by athletes in non-durability sports to promote strength, speed, and strength. It is also used by body builders to build muscle mass. The most distinctive exercise is weight lifting.

The gastric fat exercises must be a combination of both types of exercises. There is no point you do push up all day, because there will be no desired results. If you are one type of exercise, your body and muscles are accustomed to and regardless of the fact that at first you will see some results, later you will not see anything. Let’s say you do the same exercise at the same time intensity. At first when you start with this exercise, your body and muscles experience a surprise. This is a movement that is not familiar with the body, your heartbeat increases, your muscles are sick, but along the way when you do the same exercise, it will become easier every time. This is a sign that you have to change something. Do your stomach fat exercises a little different or change the intensity of the exercise (is you run, run faster, if you lift the burden, give extra weight). Don’t do the same stomach fat exercises for a long time.

It’s up to your fat exercise type what you will choose, but if your mind is set and if you won’t give up, the results will come. You will feel amazing and you will do something good for you a healthier way of life.

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