Can You Remove Double Chins Without Surgery?

The ‘droopy’ look and skin laxity around the chin and jaw are often linked with aging or getting overweight. Exposure to the sun may also contribute to the double chin and ‘turkey neck’ impression, and it is possible that genetic make-up is to blame. For many people, it’s something that troubles them significantly, and they seek methods to hide their necks. The issue is that a double chin is difficult to conceal, and this portion of the body serves as a frame for the face. As a consequence, having a fat layer here might be highly unsettling.

Fat may be removed from many regions of the body by exercise and diet, but the chin is particularly challenging.

Until lately, the only technique to get rid of a double chin was via a chin lift using liposuction or just liposuction. The method has been refined over time, but it still needs an anesthetic. A pressure garment or chin strap must also be worn for a long length of time following the treatment (to make it evident you have had one). Since any surgery is dangerous, some individuals have delayed getting their double chin corrected surgically.

Nevertheless, there are several new double chin removal treatments in the industry that provide non-invasive, non-surgical alternatives for removing a double chin, and they are being avidly accepted.

Double Chin Removal Treatments


Ultherapy is a kind of ultrasound therapy that entails heating the underlying tissue and boosting collagen production. The ultrasound promotes the body’s natural regeneration capacities by entering deep into the skin structure’s layers so that drooping skin may be tightened and lifted from within.

The technique entails getting gel administered to the treated region, and then an ultrasonic wand is passed over your skin. Intermittent heat bursts would be felt, which are intended to trigger the deep skin layers to generate collagen. Because the benefits of this ultrasonic therapy build up over time, repeated sessions lasting 30 to 90 minutes are suggested. The actual impacts wouldn’t be obvious until many months have gone by. Younger people who are only beginning to exhibit indications of aging would benefit the most.


Thermage works on RF and has had excellent effects in smoothing and increasing the condition of the skin. The treatment outcomes are quite natural, and there isn’t any downtime or recuperation time required. Generally, one session is regarded as enough; nevertheless, the treatment would be tailored to the patient’s requirements.

This double chin removal therapy promises to stimulate and rebuild collagen underneath the skin’s surface. You will most likely experience a vibrating feeling throughout the treatment, which will be mixed with cooling to promote comfort. Treatments last 45-90 minutes, and patients report seeing changes immediately, however, gains may last up to six months.

Thread Lifting

Thread Lift is one such technique for reducing double chins. It’s made of biodegradable materials that are completely absorbable by your body and works by giving rapid assistance in lifting and retaining soft tissues in position. After administering and injecting local anesthetic, these threads are softly placed into the skin to generate the lift. The thread lifts treat double chin via tightening up your skin and promotion of natural collagen development in the area around the neck, to lead to a more defined and firmer look.

Threads that include mini-barbs would be used for lifting the area under your chin to guarantee a firmer grip.  Both components would naturally be eliminated by your body gradually, and encourage new creation of collagen which results in progressive firming and  tightness over the following 3-6 months. With little to no downtime, patients may expect to experience quick and more significant outcomes. Thread Lifts may also be utilized for a variety of regions like jawline, laugh lines, cheekbones, neck.

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