How to Choose a Safe and Secure Online Pharmacy

These days, it is certainly no secret that ordering medication – whether that be prescription or over the counter – from an online pharmacy is normally a safe and secure process. This is one of the reasons ordering from an online pharmacy has become such a popular option for American citizens. Yet despite this, the danger of running into a disreputable online pharmacy is undoubtedly a risk. This is even more so of a risk for American citizens who are flocking to Canadian pharmacies in order to acquire medication that would otherwise be prohibitively expensive. The massive savings to be made are the real reason this option is so popular.

But of course, navigating the healthcare and pharmacy system of a foreign country can lead customers into trouble. Unfortunately, there are many phony and even criminal organizations looking to take advantage of all of this customer traffic – and the broad ignorance that exists regarding its legality – in order to scam those looking for an alternative source for the drugs they need.

How Canadian Drugs are Regulated

In order to acquire Canadian drugs safely, one of the best things you can do is to first acquaint yourself with how Canadian drugs are regulated. This will not only set your mind at ease regarding the safety and legality of the process (when done properly, it is entirely secure and legal) but it will also help you identify the scam companies, the phony websites, and the criminals looking to take advantage of Americans in your position.

Recently, the American FDA officially recognized its equivalent authority in Canada – the CFIA – as enforcing standards that are completely in line with those in the U.S. This means that safe and secure in Canada means safe and secure in the States, only considerably less expensive. And to confirm that these high Canadian standards being enforced, the Canadian government has developed an online pharmacy accreditation service specifically for the online pharmacies that distribute Canadian drugs, both to domestic and American markets.

Signs of Rogue Pharmacies

Availing yourself of a good knowledge of how Canadian drugs and Canadian online pharmacies are regulated is undoubtedly the best first step to make sure you’re buying from an online pharmacy that is reputable. But beyond this, it also helps to know the several other signs of a rogue online pharmacy. By applying all these security checks at once, you are sure to weed out those companies that would take advantage of you. Here is what to look out for, curtsey of fully accredited and regulated Canada Pharmacy:

Allow You to Buy Prescription Medication Without a Prescription

It doesn’t matter whether you’re in Canada or the U.S., this is illegal wherever you are. If an online pharmacy is offering such a service, then you should certainly give it a wide berth.

Do Not Have a Licensed Pharmacist on Hand to Answer Questions

Although the pharmacy may be based in Canada, they are nearly always providing exclusively for the American market. Thus, there should be a pharmacist on hand to offer all the same advice that you would expect from a U.S. pharmacy.

Send Unsolicited Messages Offering Cheap Medicine

Generally speaking, reaching out to over-the-border pharmacies is something that is usually proactively done by people in the U.S. The phenomenon of these pharmacies spamming American citizens is not at all common amongthe legitimate pharmacies.

The risks of buying from a rogue pharmacy are pretty significant. For example, you could find yourself falling afoul of the law or, even worse, the medicine itself could be dangerous. This is one of life’s circumstances where you should always take the utmost care.

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