What are the main mechanisms of female fertility decline with age?

The decrease in female fertility with age is determined by a number of factors. The female body, unlike the male one, has a limited supply of germ cells. When a girl is born, there are 1 million oogonies in her body; by the beginning of puberty, this number drops to 300,000. The depletion of the cell stock accelerates with age, reaching 25,000 follicles in a 37-38-year-old woman.

Chromosomal abnormalities are more common in older women.

What is the ovarian reserve?

The ovarian reserve is the stock of follicles that can develop normally and provide ovulation of a mature egg in response to natural stimuli or auxiliary stimulation by hormones.

Postponed motherhood

In modern life, the desire to postpone motherhood until a later age has become “fashionable. Career, desire for social fulfillment, material status, lack of awareness about changes in a woman’s fertility with age – all this leads women to postpone childbirth.

It is the woman’s age that is one of the decisive factors that affects conception and pregnancy in general.

The quality and quantity of eggs in a woman decreases with age, which explains the deterioration of reproductive function, so-called infertility.

The peak of female fertility is considered the age of 20-30 years. Thus, the chances of conceiving a child at age 35 are almost two times lower than at age 20. Already at the age of 37, 25% of women have problems with reproductive function, at the age of 41 – 50% of women, at the age of 43 – 75%.

Before conceiving, it is important to examine the likelihood of all possible risks associated with pregnancy after the age of 35 before that pregnancy occurs.

If you are unable to conceive on your own after age 35, we recommend that you seek help from fertility doctors as early as possible.

If you cannot get pregnant, you should not give up, because today there is a way to have a baby. One of them is surrogacy. Gestational surrogacy will allow you to have your child genetically. You will become happy parents and you will bring up your child.

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