Mind Matters: Everyday Tips for Mental Health Maintenance

Our mental health shapes how we perceive and engage with the world. It encompasses our emotional landscape, ability to cope with life’s inevitable stressors, and capacity to have fulfilling relationships. 

When nourishing our psychological and emotional wellness, we’re better equipped to handle challenges, connect with others meaningfully, and lead rich, purposeful lives. 

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Understanding Mental Health

Mental health includes our emotional health, psychological health, and social wellness. Emotional health refers to effectively coping with life’s ups and downs. Psychological health involves sound thought patterns, self-esteem, realization of potential, and regulation of behavior or emotions. Social wellness encompasses having supportive connections and friendships. All three areas interconnect to produce holistic health.

Daily Habits for Mental Wellness

Several daily habits encourage robust mental health:

  1. Mindfulness and Meditation: Slowing down through mindfulness activities or meditation keeps us grounded in the present moment. This reduces circulating stress hormones, helping us respond thoughtfully rather than reflexively reacting. Over time, regularly practicing grounding techniques increases self-awareness and emotional intelligence.
  1. Physical Activity: Exercise is a proven mood booster, alleviating symptoms of mild to moderate depression and anxiety. Whether it’s yoga, walking, running, dance classes, team sports or strength training, engaging in regular cardio and muscle-strengthening activities has measurable anti-anxiety effects. Physical activity also encourages restful sleep and mitigates daily life stresses.  
  1. Nutrition: What we feed our bodies impacts our minds too. A balanced diet high in vegetables, fruits and omega-3s lays the building blocks for peak mental functioning. Cutting processed foods and added sugars also stabilizes energy levels, blood sugar, and gut health – allowing us to think clearly and calmly handle daily demands.

The Critical Importance of Relationships

Humans are wired for social connection. Research reveals that supportive personal relationships vastly improve mental health and longevity. Surrounding ourselves with encouraging friends and family who uplift us fosters resilience. On the other hand, toxic, abusive dynamics or extreme isolation can profoundly damage self-esteem and wellbeing over time, with lasting impacts. We all need to know others “have our backs” through life’s journey.

Stress Management Techniques

Unmanaged high stress dismantles mental health, impairing concentration, decision making, sleep quality, relationships, and emotional stability. You counterbalance demanding circumstances by identifying your unique stress triggers and learning research-backed stress management tools. 

Effective techniques include deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, regular exercise, mindfulness practices, maintaining work-life balance through strong boundaries, seeking social support, and activities like gardening, walking in nature or journaling that induce relaxation. Don’t hesitate to confide in a therapist or doctor if chronic stress persists despite your best efforts.

The Importance of Sleep

Alongside nutrition and exercise, adequate sleep is the foundation for both physical and mental health. When we shortchange sleep, neurotransmitter functioning goes haywire, leading to emotional volatility, impaired cognition, lower frustration tolerance, anxiety, depression and weight gain. Adults should aim for 7-9 hours nightly. Support restful sleep by avoiding screens before bed, limiting caffeine and alcohol, keeping your bedroom cool and dark, going to bed consistently, and managing stress.  

Setting Boundaries for Mental Health  

Establishing personal and professional boundaries minimizes exhaustion and burnout from modern day pressures. This looks like learning to say no to added responsibilities when your bandwidth is maxed out. It also involves disengaging from digital devices to be fully present with loved ones or during personal downtime. Setting firm workday start and end times, taking regular screen breaks, going offline during vacations and weekends, and leaving work at work conserve mental energy. 

When to Seek Professional Help

Pay attention if you notice emotional distress or mental health symptoms persisting longer than two weeks. These include constant sadness, indifference/apathy, extreme irritability or mood swings, feelings of worthlessness or helplessness, loss of enjoyment in beloved activities, withdrawing from relationships, significant difficulty concentrating, sleeping too much or too little, intense anxiety, panic attacks, and thoughts of self-harm. Make an appointment with a mental health professional right away should you observe any of these patterns in yourself or a loved one.


Caring for your emotional, psychological and social well-being requires ongoing nurturance through daily mental health habits and awareness around when to seek additional support. Remember that needing help reflects self-compassion, not weakness. Prioritize your whole health – including your mental fitness – to live with greater ease, meaning, and resilience as you pursue your purpose.

Contact Our Team!

If aspects of your mental health resonate with the topics covered or you recognize symptoms in yourself or a loved one that merit professional support, know that you don’t have to navigate this alone.

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