Simple skin care routine

From soap bar to skin care

You will think at the age of 33 I might have adopted a kind of skin care routine for myself, but until last year, I thought a little warm water and some calls were doing the job. I have bought some different moisturizers for years, but never stuck with them. Growing in a new Hampshire forest, fashion, hair and makeup is never important (and even when they are, we are a little behind the times!) The mind never occurred to me that I didn’t have to be a glamorous girl to take care of my skin well.

As he grew up, I began to wear small makeup but still didn’t do much for my skin. A year ago my mother had skin cancer in her nose. After surgery on your face is a scary thing and I admire the courage through the whole process. Since then I have begun to realize that caring for my skin and protecting it from the sun is actually important. Huh! Meanwhile, I did not grow younger and I noticed darker places on my speckled face. I think it’s never too late to start doing something positive.

Why does the skin care routine very important?

Physical appearance

This is probably the main reason for me when considering skin care. Unhealthy skin has a faded, dull, while the skin treated well looks younger and brighter. Dehydrated skin tends to develop deeper wrinkles and uneven tones.


Unhealthy skin care habits cause rashes, breakouts, wrinkles and infections. It also makes us more susceptible to disease. The skin is the biggest organ in our body! Healthy means caring for it, just as we will be our lungs and hearts.

MiSplesence skin profile

One of the things I thought was cool when I joined myessence was their catalog. I knew it sounded nerd but it was very educational for me. I have trouble finding a way around Ulta and I easily overwhelmed by all cream and lotion brands. The catalog makes it easy to find the routine of skin care by categorizing each product into one of the four profiles.

Balancing Normal Combination Skin

The size of the pore with an average
Some enlarged pores
Sweet oil zone t-zone
break up occasionally
Some blackheads
Rejuvenate the loss of dry ripe profiles elasticity

Varied pores
Some dry patches
There is no sheen / dull skin
can feel tight dry
may have a surface capillary
Purify the profile of oily problems, greasy sheen

Breakouts / Blemishes.
Congestion / congestion
Open the pores
A calming sensitive profile may have surface capillary

can feel annoyed, itchy and heat
Blotchy can appear.
may have flake patches
General allergic reaction
flush and red easily
You can, of course, mix and match. Profiles give the basic idea of ​​where to start. Most of my skin problems drove me to a purifying profile. My skin care routine is a simple 3 step process. I use an organic cleaning certified first, then organic conditioner gives my skin nutrition and locks the organic moisturizer, which is the last step.

I not only use the catalog to see what I want to order but I use it as a reference. Each product page provides information about why this product is useful, how to use it and when to use it. Being a beginner of my skin care, I found this very helpful. Finally, (and then I promise to stop bragging about the catalog) the last six pages include every product and every material it contains.

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