Tips to Succeed as a Locum Tenens Doctor

These days, locum tenens workers and recruiters like continue to grow in popularity amongst hospitals and communities. After all, they’re able to effectively fill any gaps in staffing and ensure that patients get the care they need. They also boast advantages that medical professionals on more traditional career paths don’t.

But don’t be fooled — while there are undoubtedly many benefits to the lifestyle, it also comes with its fair share of challenges. And your ability to overcome these difficulties, be it adapting to different company cultures or new people, will determine how successful you’ll be with this kind of career. With that said, here are some tips to help you succeed as a locum tenens doctor.


One of the most effective ways to remain abreast of the latest assignments is to always communicate with your chosen recruiter. While most staffing firms will reach out to you regularly, it’s a good idea to remain in regular communication with them between and during assignments. Be sure you respond to calls and emails quickly and get your paperwork sorted promptly. If the need to change schedules arises, alert them quickly.

Remember that efficiency is vital, and communication is integral to performing well as a locum tenens practitioner. It’ll also ensure that you and all your colleagues remain concordant, allowing you to strengthen relationships with the people you’re working with.

Always ask questions

Whenever you’re given assignments, the locum tenens company should fill you with all the details of your placement, such as the procedures and responsibilities you’ll be given and patients to care for. However, you must always ask questions if you need further clarification. Don’t be afraid nor hesitate to inquire — the more information you have, the easier it will be to perform your duties.

Stay flexible

One of the challenges of being a locum tenens doctor is learning new assignments and adapting to your placements quickly, especially if you’ll be there for a short period. However, remaining flexible with the assignments you choose to take will allow you to be a more experienced and well-rounded professional. For example, even if you prefer day shifts, consider working during the night. Or, if you like a specific location, consider expanding to include many other geographic areas.

Keep your resume updated

Make it a habit to keep your resume updated every time you finish your assignments. It’s crucial to review and update your CV as you start learning new skills. In this way, you’ll ensure that everything listed in your resume is always accurate and includes your present skillset. It may sound simple, but you’ll make it easier to succeed by doing so.


To become successful as a locum tenens practitioner and reap the benefits of the lifestyle, you need to be efficient, organized, and willing to learn. And communicating with your recruiters regularly, asking questions whenever necessary, being flexible with assignments, and updating your CV can go a long way in helping you achieve the desired outcome.


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