What Acne Scar Treatments Do Cheap Aesthetic Clinics in Singapore Offer?

If you have ever had acne scars, or if you are presently suffering from them, you undoubtedly have a lot of questions. The following are some frequently asked questions about acne scarring: What produces acne scars? What causes a person to be more prone to scar? What could I do to avoid scars? Are there acne scar treatments in cheap aesthetic clinics in Singapore?

What are the Causes of Acne Scars?

Once acne starts on the skin, the natural healing mechanisms of the body kick in, just as they will for an illness or injury. The issue is that this isn’t always a flawless method. Acne develops once the skin pores become blocked by dead skin cells and excess of oil. It might occur near the skin’s surface, which indicates it’ll most likely heal quickly with minimum scarring. Once acne is deeper in your skin, it needs more time to heal. Scars are common as a result of this since it goes deeper and damages more skin tissue.

Following a breakout, the body would attempt to mend itself by replacing the damaged skin tissue. Scarring happens once the body generates either too little or too much of such tissue. Once your body produces an excessive amount of tissue, the acne lesion forms a raised scar, also called a hypertrophic scar (or, in severe instances, a keloid). A lack of tissue, however, causes skin depressions called atrophic scars.

Those black markings that appear after a severe epidemic are a distinct form of scar. Essentially, they are not scars whatsoever, but rather variations in pigmentation (another term for skin color). Once a lesion is burst or otherwise opened up, your skin must seal back up and conceal the depression. The body is normally quite excellent at mending itself, but after a really severe damage, such as a pit from a burst acne lesion, the body does not always hide neatly. Your skin that covers the wound frequently changes texture, tone, or color. In certain circumstances, a popped lesion’s broken blood vessels will leave a mark on the skin. They’re known as hyperpigmentation or “dark markings”.

Even if you do not pop the acne, you might see dark brown or red markings on the skin from very deep or severe instances. Do not worry: if you didn’t pop the pimple, these markings would normally erase after a few months.

What Are The Best Acne Treatment Options?

Topical Skincare

Topical acne scar solutions contain potent but mild chemicals that promote cellular healing and turnover while inhibiting undesirable melanin development in scars. The use of sun protection products which includes broad-spectrum sunscreen is widely advised to aid scar healing.

Oral Supplements

By reducing inflammation and free radical damage in your skin, oral Glutathione supplements both prevent and lighten the production of scars. Sunscreen pills used orally minimize melanin synthesis and UV damage in scar tissue.

Scar Reduction

This therapy includes utilizing a hypodermic needle to break fibrotic strands that bind the scar to deeper tissues beneath the surface of the skin. The release of the strands, together with new collagen fibers from the process of wound healing, lifts up the scar even further when additional therapies are applied later.

Pico Lasers

Using the technology Laser Induced Optical Breakdown (LIOB), the PicoPlus efficiently heals shallow box scars and rolling scars. LIOBs cause micro-injury zones under your skin while protecting its surface. The process of wound healing in the micro-cavities generates new elastin and collagen fibers, leading to scar textural improvement and remodeling.


Once injected into scars, Rejuran acts as a good synergistic therapy with TCA cross, subcisions, and resurfacing lasers. It helps to generate healthy collagen fibers to repair damaged tissue while also preventing the formation of new scars.


Aside from enhancing the overall texture of skin, Profhilo injections done in cheap aesthetic clinics in Singapore also boost remodeling of scars too. They function exceptionally effectively when used with other scar therapy treatments like TCA cross subcisions.

Filler Injections

Filler injections may be used to ‘instantly’ lift depressed scars or if all other procedures have failed to generate an acceptable effect in deep scars. Nevertheless, this effect is just transitory because the hyaluronic acid in fillers is naturally broken by the body over 9-12 months.

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