Why 2023 May Be A Good Time for a Career Change

Over the past few years, there have been seismic changes in almost all aspects of how we live our lives – and this has translated into a significant shift in the landscape of employment.

Given all the uncertainty that has occurred since 2020, you may be thinking it’s not worth trying to chase your dreams by changing careers. But there are so many reasons why 2023 may be a good time for a career change – keep reading to find out more!

Work is less location-based

In previous years – in fact, up until very recently – your career trajectory has been restricted based on your location. For example, if you lived in a rural location, it may be more challenging to find the perfect role for you, and even more difficult to give up a “safe” career and make a change. However, now that remote and hybrid working are both possible, and very normalised, there is no need to stay in a job simply because of where you live. You can live anywhere but work for a company based in a thriving city like London, or even overseas. The world really is your oyster, thanks to technology – which truly does broaden your horizons!

Employees are empowered

You may have heard of the Great Resignation – how more people are leaving their jobs than ever before. But you may not have thought about what those resigning from their roles are actually doing…they’re changing careers! Those seeking fulfilment in their careers are more ambitious than ever, expecting better benefits and satisfaction rather than just a nine to five. Because people are continuing to switch careers and leaving their current jobs, this leaves many roles wide open – and some of these might be your perfect fit. Companies are actively seeking new talent, with passion and drive, and this could give you the edge when negotiating compensation, benefits and more.

Upskilling is easier than ever

Thanks to the boom in online communication and improved technology, it is easier than ever to upskill even while working in your current role. You can study online in your own time and gain new skills and qualifications in 2022 that will put you in a great position to turn your passion into a career in 2023. There is no need to make education a full-time commitment any longer, and you can gain confidence in taking the next step and following your true career dreams.

Are you looking to make a transition out of your current career? There has never been a better time to take a leap of faith, whether that means upskilling with Level 3 pt courses or turning your side hustle into a full time job.

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